Graduation, Christmas Party and More!

December is a special time of year for us at Journey Richmond, because we get to celebrate our graduating children, and Christmas - of course!

Last month we began exploring the world of healthy eating. We continued our learning this month, and children were provided with a simple sorting activity to identify what foods are healthy and what foods are not as healthy. The children learnt that food containing too much sugar, fat, and additives are not good for children’s health because eating these foods excessively could make their teeth hurt or tummy feel uncomfortable. That is why unhealthy food is often called “sometimes food”. On the other hand, fruits, vegetables, grains and natural sources of protein are “everyday food”. Ensuring children have an ongoing supply of healthy food added into every meal at Camelot makes it much easier for children to understand this concept.

From the big book – "All About Food and Me", we have learned about the food pyramid which illustrates a healthy diet. We borrowed lots of different categories of food from our kitchen and created our own food pyramid with the four-layered shelf. With the help of the book, every child took turns to put a food on the shelf. This activity has visualized a healthy food structure and sensible food choice for children. During the process, we also made it clear that our bodies need all different kind of food which provide us various nutrition.

We also did plant-based afternoon tea during this month to encourage children to eat more green (vegetables).

The Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony was held on the 3rd of December with family and friends. Parents contribution and support was highly appreciated by the teaching team. The graduates gave a performance of the seven continents song, which drew everyone’s applause. While they were getting dressed back-stage, parents were enjoying a ‘special moments’ video clip showing how much learning and playing we have done together. The ceremony started with all the graduates walking to the stage to receive their certificate of completion. That was a memorable moment for all of them and their families. Lastly, a group photo of the class of 2019 was taken to celebrate the great achievement as a team. Parents were also presented with their child’s art folder which collects their personal artworks and crafts before they left.

The Christmas party took place on the 13th of December where all families were invited to enjoy some time with their children together in the centre. We set up the tables for food and activities in our yard and made a special space next to the Christmas tree for Santa Claus. Each room made a different dessert for the event: reindeer cupcakes from the Nursery, ginger bread men from the Toddler, and brownies with Christmas hats from Kinder, all made with healthy, wholesome ingredients from our Wholesome Child menu. The cookie decorating activity was very appealing to the children because they could personalise their cookies with whatever they desired!

There was also a table for children to do arts and crafts. Many children chose to paint and make a special card to express their love to their families. At 4:00 pm, the Christmas concert started with Ally from KiddyRock Music. Children were playing around with a variety of instruments and stuff, such as dram, guitar, ukulele, shakers, rainbow parachute, beach balls, hula-hoops, colourful scarfs, and the bubble blower.

This session was so engaging that many parents joined in on the fun. The most exciting part for the children was the visit from Santa Claus (played by our lovely colleague – Sam). Santa gave out the party bags to every child and wished all of them a very Merry Christmas.

We have received tremendously positive feedback from families including visitors for active communication, consultation and collaboration, which are fundamental to achieving collaborative relationships with families and quality outcomes for their children.

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