It has been a busy term in Camelot Kinder!

In July, we had a special visit from the Chompers, the dentists. Prior to the visit, we learned about healthy eating and healthy routines for our teeth and body. We learned about how to brush our teeth properly as well as good and bad food for our teeth. We even made a food pyramid, learning about the most to the least important food to eat everyday! We explored more in the learning of food as an extension and learned about where our food comes from.

Coming into August, we had book week and science week, in which we covered many different activities and learnings. During book week, we had different dramatic play set up based on our favourite stories. We had a play with the The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom, Three Little Pigs and Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children had the opportunity to reenact their favourite stories through this role play. Some of them even changed the story plots with the same characters from the stories! And of course we also had a dress up day because what is book week without a dress up day!

For science week, we learned a few science concepts and we also had some science experiments such as magnets investigation, changing colour celery experiment and making butter from the scratch (which is also a part of our food learning). We explored words such as hypothesis and predicting things that would happen before we investigated further to stimulate their curiosity. Further to this, we believe that science investigation is not only taught during science week, but embedded throughout the curriculum. This brings to our learning focus following the science week, learning about space and solar system. This learning emerged from the children’s interest that had been going on from the books that we read in Kinder. In this learning, we made our own space station dramatic play! This space station was a big hit amongst the children where they could pretend to be an astronaut. The conversation that the children had during the play was even about planets or things that an astronaut does!

Moving on from solar system, we continued to learn more about science with learning about our body and senses. We explored our own body and the body parts we have as well as investigating what each body part does. Most of this learning was done through interactive game, experiment and investigation. What a busy term it has been! We look forward to term 4 and fun things we will learn about in term 4!

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