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Over the past month, we have been interacting with and exploring various natural materials, which has generated a series of activities for the Kindergarten children to complete. Our first nature adventure was to the Yarra Park. Melbourne turned on the weather for us, it was a beautiful afternoon! The Yarra Park isn't too far away from Journey Richmond, in fact it was only two tram stops and a five minute walk away.

The children greeted people they met on the walk and very proudly introduced themselves as Camelot Kinder children. We made sure to take notice of the beautiful surroundings and how the community around us looks, smells and feels.

In the park, we enjoyed playing with all of the facilities in the playground and roamed freely through the grassland. We also collected some natural resources to enrich the learning experience.

Upon our return to Camelot, we turned the collection of natural materials into a collection of inspiring artworks, which helped the children reflect on their trip to the park.

Did you know that rock painting is an exciting activity that sharpens and broadens children's minds and delivers numerous health benefits? To extend on our natural resource art & crafts, we chose to do some rock painting. Imagination is an important part of the brain's development -for children who are "right-brainers", painting is a natural way of improving their creative skills. For "left-brainers", who are analytical thinkers, painting helps expand and nurture their creativity.

Moreover, art has the potential to improve one's mobility. The frequent handling of paintbrushes fosters mobility in fingers and the hand in general. Last Friday, we held an exhibition for our rock painting craft. According to our creative artists, there are so many types of natural landscape such as lakes, ocean, volcanoes, grassland, and some creative color mixture. The exhibition was a celebration of children’s creativity and imagination, which encourages children to express their imaginative worlds more freely.

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