Our recent Kinder adventures

As we are moving through the year we can see the children making lots of progress! We can see a change in their learning, we can see their understanding growing and we can see friendships that have formed. It's lovely to see children's confidence they show in their everyday interactions.

Over the last few months in the kinder room we have been learning about the community and the world around us. Here's a snippet of what we've been up to lately!

Our Kinder children enjoying listening to Mayor Danae Bosler

Visit from the Mayor

What better way to learn about our community and what’s around us than to have a visit from our local Mayor, Danae Bosler. We took Danae on a centre tour, in which she was introduced to our beautiful children and team of amazing educators. When we reached the Kinder room, the children were ready to hear all about what Danae’s job was. Danae spoke to the children about projects she is always working on; saving the planet by planting 800 trees per year and also separating our rubbish into organic, plastic and glass, which they will then build roads with.

She wants to keep our community safe, by providing more pedestrian crossing lines and making it safe for us to ride our bikes. She requested the help of our children by asking them to let her know when an area around us needs more safe crossing spaces. It was such a please having Danae and we can’t wait for her next visit.

Our Kinder children participating in T & G Sports.

Fitness Fridays

As the children get older their physical development grows rapidly and their skills advance more and more. Every Friday, Camelot hosts a weekly incursion of T & G Sports. With every week being a different curriculum, the children are more than eager to get involved. The Kindergarten children participate in various obstacle courses and games that challenge them physically, assist with coordination, promote positive social interactions and aid in concentration.

Dramatic Play - It's a Campfire!

Our Kinder children have embraced dramatic play and often incorporate it into our everyday program.

During our dramatic play, we were transported into the mountains where there was snow, so we needed a bonfire to keep us warm. The children created a camp site on the mat with wooden blocks to help start the fire.

Our Kinder children keeping warm by the imaginary fire.

We cooked soup for dinner and we added enough wooden sticks to make sure the fire wouldn't die down while we were sleeping. The children moved around the room to see what items we could use on our trip and we could add to keep the fire going. We had a brilliant one-day trip on the mountains. We learnt an important lesson of "take only pictures, leave only footprints" meaning the children needed to ensure all our rubbish was taken with us and to leave the land undisturbed.

With our imagination, we can do anything and go anywhere we want!

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